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Annexure 1

Asian Regional Expert Consultation on
Rural Women in Knowledge Society


15 December 2002 (Sunday)

16 December 2002 (Monday)


Inaugural Session

Opening remarks

Ms Revathi Balakrishnan

Senior Gender and Development Officer

FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Mr Rex Navarro

Head of the Information Resource Management Office


Ms Usha Reddi

Commonwealth of Learning, New Delhi

Special Address

Mr S. Sivakumar

Chief Executive of Agri-Businesses, ITC Limited, India

Opening Remarks

Mr Daniel Gustafson, FAO Representative in India

Presidential Address

Mr William D. Dar, Director General, ICRISAT

Vote of thanks

Mr S. Srinivas, Head, LIS, IRMO, ICRISAT




Invited Resource Paper and Discussion:

Chair: Ms Revathi Balakrishnan

Gender and ICTs in Agriculture and Rural Development Agenda

Ms Eva Rathgeber, Joint Chair, Women’s Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

1200 - 1230

Introduction to Participants (mutual)

Programme Arrangements and Overview

Mr B. Ramkumar, IRMO, ICRISAT

1230 - 1330


1330 - 1500

Regional Overview: ICTs in Development

Chair: Ms Uma Coomaraswamy

Regional Review 1: South Asia

Mr Frederic Noronha, Facilitator, Bytes for All

Regional Review 2: General

Mr Roger Harris, ICT4D Consultant, China and Hong Kong SAR

1500 - 1530


1530 - 1730

Session I Country Case Studies on ICTs for Rural Development: Recent Experience and Innovations as Applicable to Rural Women

Chair: Ms Eva Rathgeber

Malaysia: Ms Poline Bala, University of Malaysia at Sarawak

Philippines: Ms Teodora Acoba-Battad, Central Luzon State University

Thailand: Ms Kamolrat Intaraat, Kasetsart University

Viet Nam: Ms Bui Le Diem, Angiang University

17 December 2002 (Tuesday)

0800 - 0945

Session II Case Studies on ICTs for Rural Development: Recent Experience and Innovations as Applicable to Rural Women

Chair: Mr Roger Harris

Sri Lanka: Mr K.D.G. Kulatunga, Open University, Sri Lanka

Korea, Rep: Ms Young-Joo Paik, Korean Women’s Development Institute

India: Ms M. J. Asmita, Programme Manager, Marathmoli

0945 - 1000


1000 - 1200

Panel Presentation and Discussion: ICTs for Development with Focus on Rural Population: Private Sector Partnership Innovations

Ms Nazneen Sultana, Grameen Communications, Bangladesh (convenor)

Mr V. V. Rajasekar, ITC E-Chaupal, India

Mr S. Giridhar, Azim Premji Foundation, India

Mr Ziv Navoth, Verve! Consultants, UK

Mr Sudhir Ahluwalia, Tata Consultancy Services, India

1200 - 1400


1415 - 1600

Thematic Presentation and Discussion: ICTs in Rural Capacity Building for Knowledge Sharing and Social Entrepreneurship with Gender Balanced Impacts (host country experiences)

Ms Meera Shenoy, Velugu Project, AP State, India (convenor)

Ms Richa Kumar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Ms Rajeswari Pingali, Formerly Digital Vision Fellow at Stanford University

Mr S. Senthil Kumaran, M S Swaminathan Research Foundation, India

Mr T. Harishchandra Prasad, Managing Director, Samaikhya Agri-Tech, India

Rapporteur: Susan White

1600 - 1615


1615 - 1800

Thematic Presentation and Discussion

Distance Learning for Rural Women and Girls: Basic Education and Skill Development

Chair: Mr Gajaraj Dhanarajan, President and CEO, COL

Mr Zeng Yichun, Vice President, CABTS, Beijing, China

Ms Uma Coomaraswamy, Vice Chancellor, Open University of Sri Lanka

Mr Chaikot Samnaran, Coordinator of the Light house project, PDA, Thailand

Mr Ram Takwale, Former Vice Chancellor, IGNOU, India

Ms Usha Reddi, COL

Rapporteur: Mr Surya Gunjal

18 December 2002 (Wednesday)

0830 - 1000

Special Presentations and Discussions

Chair: Mr C. L.L. Gowda

Highlights from UNDAW Expert Group Meeting on Information and communication technologies and their impact on and use as an instrument for the advancement and empowerment of women and FAO Consultation Link to the UNDAW Efforts.

Ms Revathi Balakrishnan, Senior Gender and Development Officer, FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

International Conference on Information Technology, Communications and Development (ITCD 2002): Highlights

Ms Hana Kobayashi, Associate Professional Officer, Gender, Participatory Approach and Policies, FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Highlights from the Digital Review of Asia Pacific: an ORBICOM-IDRC-APDIP initiative


Rapporteur: Ms Poline Bala

1000 - 1030


1030 - 1230

Group Discussion in Thematic Sessions

· ICTs for development with focus on rural population: private sector partnership innovations and ICTs in rural capacity building for knowledge sharing and social entrepreneurship with gender balanced impacts

· Distance learning for rural women and girls: basic education and skill development

1230 - 1330


1330 - 1500

Group Discussions (continued)

1500 - 1530


1530 - 1700

Chair: Ms Eva Rathgeber

Presentations of highlights and recommendations from small group sessions

19 December 2002 (Thursday)

0900 - 1045

Regional strategies: Discussions and adoption of action strategy and report

Chair: Ms Revathi Balakrishnan

1045 - 1100


1130 - 1230

Valedictory Session:

Opening Remarks

Mr Dyno Keatinge, Deputy Director-General - Research


Highlights of the Consultation

Ms Revathi Balakrishnan, Senior Gender and Diversity Officer

FAO Regional Officer for Asia and the Pacific

Presidential Address

Ms Sathi Nair

Chief Secretary to the Government of Andhra Pradesh

Valedictory Address

Mr Gajaraj Dhanarajan, President and CEO, COL

Vote of Thanks


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