Improving Household Food Security and Nutrition in Northern Shewa, Amhara Region and Southern Zone, Tigray Region, Ethiopia

Community Action Planning Guidelines for Facilitation Teams

Prepared by
Jennifer Heney (AGSF)
and Bernd Seiffert (SDAR)

FAO May 2003

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Guidelines

1. Background
2. Community Action Planning
3. The Community Action Planning Workshop
4. Microproject Planning
5. Community Development Fund
6. Implementation
7. Monitoring and Evaluation

Part 2: The Toolbox

CAP Tool 1. Team Formation
CAP Tool 2. Preparing the CAP Workshops
CAP Tool 3. Informing the Community About CAP
CAP Tool 4. Brainstorming of Household Food Security and Nutrition Related Problems
CAP Tool 5. Secret Ranking of Problems to be Addressed in CAP Workshop
CAP Tool 6. PAPP Matrix
CAP Tool 7. Secret Ranking of Microproject Ideas
CAP Tool 8. Quick Feasibility Check
CAP Tool 9. Venn Diagram on Community Institutions
CAP Tool 10. Preliminary Microproject Planning
CAP Tool 11. Agreement on Follow-up Responsibilities
CAP tool 12. Presentation of Microproject Planning Activity
CAP Tool 13. Interest Group Reorganisation
CAP Tool 14. Microproject Planning
CAP Tool 15. Cooperative Planning
CAP Tool 16. Savings and Credit Groups
CAP Tool 17. Community Development Fund Forms
CAP Tool 18. Livelihood Strategies
CAP Tool 19. Enterprise Planning
CAP Tool 20. Calculating Profitability
CAP Tool 21. Understanding Cash Flow
CAP Tool 22. Business Plans
CAP Tool 23. Cash Flow Budgets
CAP Tool 24. Group Enterprises
CAP Tool 25. Record-Keeping
CAP Tool 26. Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation