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The Aquaculture Development and Coordination Programme (ADCP), in cooperation with the FAO/UNDP project Interregional Fisheries Development and Management Programme (WECAF), fielded a three-man Mission from 16 June to 27 July 1980 in selected Caribbean countries. The purpose of the Mission was to assess the status and potential for aquaculture and to formulate specific recommendations for each country visited; to assess whether or not development of aquaculture in the small island states could have sufficient impact to justify development efforts; and, to determine if there were any needs for action on a regional basis. In the course of carrying out these tasks the Mission would be able to form a view on the potential for aquaculture in the region as a whole.

For obvious reasons the Mission could not visit all island states in the Caribbean. Attempting to balance the potential for aquaculture and expressed interest with a desire to select representative islands, the Mission visited Antigua, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat and St. Lucia. The visits were preceded by a literature survey and by interviews with people familiar with the region.

The members of the Mission were: Mr. H.L. Cook, Brackishwater Aquaculturist; Mr. M.M.J. Vincke, Freshwater Aquaculturist, and Mr. U.N. Wijkström, Aquaculture Economist. Mr. Vincke participated in the visit to Haiti and Jamaica.

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