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Itinerary of the Mission

In the itinerary presented below initals are used for the Mission members as follows: HC, Harry Cook; MV, Michel Vincke; UNW, Ulf Wijkström.

DateMission membersActivities
June 1980  
17HC, MV, UNWArrival at Port-au-Prince, Haiti
17"Meetings in Port-au-Prince
18"Meetings in Port-au-Prince
19"Field visit to Le Clay
20"Field visit to Trou Cayman and Etang Saumâtre
21"Travel to Cap Haïtien via Duvalierville, St. Marc, Fish Culture Station des Eaux
22"Visit to aquaculture activities at Limonade and Fort Liberté
23"Return to Port-au-Prince
24HCHelicopter inspection of coast between Grande Caymonite and Port-au-Prince, and of Gonave Island
25MVField visit to Damien
26MV, UNWMeetings in Port-au-Prince
27"Meetings in Port-au-Prince
28"Departure form Port-au-Prince, Haiti and arrival at Kingston, Jamaica
29"Report writing, Kingston
30"Meetings in Kingston (FAO: Ministry of Fisheries) and visit to Twickenham Park, and Mitchell Town Fish Farm
July 1980  
1MV, UNWVisit to rural fish ponds at High Gate, and Old Harbour
2"Visit to Elim rice culture project and to Meylersfield drainage project
3"Meetings in Kingston (FAO, UNDP, Ministry of Fisheries)
MVDeparture from Kingston to Rome
HCArrival St. Lucia
4UNWReport writing, Kingston
HCMeetings in Castries, St. Lucia
5UNWDeparture Jamaica and arrival St. Lucia
July 1980  
6HC, UNWMeetings in Castries, St. Lucia
7"Field visit to Vieux Fort and environs
8"Field visit to interior of islands
9"Meetings in Castries
10"Departure St. Lucia and arrival Antigua
11"Meetings in Georgetown
12"Travel to Montserrat and meetings in Plymouth
13"Field visits along west coast, meetings and travel to Antigua
14"Field visits along west coast
15"Field visits along north east coast
16"Field visits along south coast
17"Meetings in Georgetown
UNWDeparture Antigua and arrival Barbados
18HCDeparture Antigua
UNWVisit Caribbean Development Bank and Bellairs Research Institute
19"Travel Barbados to Panama
               20 (Sunday)  
21"Report writing and briefing at WECAF office
22HCArrival Jamaica, and meetings Kingston
UNWReport writing
23HCField visit to environs Black River
UNWTravel Panama to Rome
24HCMeetings Kingston and departure for Rome

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