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16. Use of ArcViews’ help and other ways to expand your knowledge

This manual by no means covers all possibilities of GIS, it merely touches upon the most important features for fisheries management. To get deeper into a subject, or explore a new possibility several ways are available toexplore:

The ArcViews’ help is quite complete, and can be accessed through the Menu bar: Help. The following exercise will introduce you to the use of the ArcViews’ help function.

It is possible to link images to Themes in ArcView. You need to find out how to link a floodplain picture to a map of three districts of Pais Pesca.

1. Start ArcView, Open a New Project, Open a New View. Check the working directory and the projection.

2. Add the Themes: ‘three_districts_pais_pesca.shp’ and ‘floodplain.shp’ from the folder ‘17_use_online_help’. The Theme ‘three_districts_pais_pesca.shp’ is a map of three southern districts of Pais Pesca, the Theme ‘floodplain.shp’ is a point Theme, showing the location where the picture ‘floodplain.bmp’ has been taken. You need to make a connection between this point and the picture, so that when users click on this point, the picture will be shown.

3. Find out how to link images to a theme through the ArcViews’ help (menu bar: Help/Help Topics..., Find tab). Type ‘link image’ into the text box ‘1) Type the word(s) you want to find’, and you will see in the box ‘3) Click a Topic, then Click Display’: ‘Defining a hot link for a Theme’. Click on this line and then on the button Display.

4. A window opens with the explanation on how to make a ‘hot link’. Make this in such a way, that when you click on the point of the Theme ‘floodplain.shp’ with the hotlink pointer, the picture ‘floodplain.bmp’ will pop up (Figure 16.1).

The result of clicking the ‘floodplain.shp’ point Theme with the Hotlink pointer

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