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Annex 1
List of 109 POPDEV indicators



1 Crude Birth Rate
2 Age-Specific Fertility Rate
3 Total Fertility Rate


4 Crude Death Rate
5 Life Expectancy at Birth (both sexes, male and female)
6 Infant Mortality Rate (both sexes, male and female)
7 Child (under 5 years old) Mortality Rate (both sexes, male and female)
8 Maternal Mortality Rate (overall, by age-group)
9 Percent of Deaths Due to 1st/2nd/3rd Leading Cause of Death


10 In-Migration Rate; Out-Migration Rate


Population Size

11 Population Growth Rate

Population Structure

12 Sex Ratio

13 Median Age of the Population

14 Dependency Ratio (Old Age, Child, Total)

15 Percentage of Population Aged Under 15, 15-64 and 65 years and over (both sexes, male and female)

16 Percentage of Female Population aged 15-49 years

Spatial Distribution

17 Percent Urban
18 Population Density
19 Percentage of Population by Geographic Classification

Household Characteristics

20 Growth Rate
21 Average Household Size
22 Percentage of Households by Sex of Head
23 Percentage of Households by Composition of Household Members


Macroeconomics and Financing

24 Local Government Income by Source

25 Local Government Expenditure by Function (for basic social services, for gender development)

26 Consumer Price Index (all items)

27 Average Annual Inflation Rate

28 Percentage of Family Expenditure on Food and Non-food (by item group)

Labour and Employment

29 Labour Force Participation Rate (both sexes, by age group)

30 Level and Percent of Employment (by sector: agriculture, fishery, forestry, industry, services; both sexes)

31 Level and Percent of Employment by Class of Worker, Wage and Salary (own account, unpaid family worker; both sexes)

32 Percentage of Working Children by Age (both sexes)

33 Index of Occupation Segregation

34 Average Time Spent During Unpaid Household Services (both sexes)

Agriculture and Fishery

35 Percent of Agricultural Land to Total Land Area

36 Agricultural Land Area Per Farm Worker, Per Farm, Per Capita

37 Percent Ratio of Irrigated Land to Total Potential Irrigable Land

38 Percentage of Local Production to National Production by Type (cereals, major crops, other crops, livestock, fishery)

Agrarian Reform

39 Percentage of Land Parcels by Tenure Status

Industry and Trade

40 Labour Productivity by Industry Sector

Environment and Natural Resources

41 Percentage of Forests and Woodlands to Total Land Area
42 Percentage of Denuded Forest Area to Total Land Area
43 Water Pollution Index
44 Air Pollution Index


45 Elementary School Participation Rate (all grades, by grade level); Secondary School Participation Rate (all years, by year level)

46 Elementary Cohort Survival Rate (both sexes); Secondary Cohort Survival Rate (both sexes)

47 Elementary Retention Rate (by grade level)

48 Elementary Drop-Out Rate (by grade level)

49 Percentage of National Elementary Achievement Test (NEAT) Passers; Percentage of National Secondary Achievement Test (NSAT) Passers

50 Elementary School Pupil-Teacher Ratio; Secondary School Pupil-Teacher Ratio

51 Elementary School Pupil-Textbook Ratio; Secondary Pupil-Textbook Ratio

52 Percentage of Women/Men by Schooling Completed

53 Median Years of Schooling for Specific Age Groups

54 Per Capita Cost of Basic Education


55 Percentage of Households with Adequate Energy Intake

56 Annual per Capita Food Threshold

57 Percentage of Pregnant and Lactating Mothers Provided with Iron and Iodine Supplements During Pregnancy for Breastfeeding Period


58 Population per Midwife

59 Population per Nurse

60 Population per Doctor

61 Population-Hospital Bed Ratio

62 Percentage of Immunized 12-23 Month-old Children (fully immunized by type of immunization)

63 Percentage of Households Who Availed of Health Care Services

64 Percentage of Births Attended by Health Personnel

65 Percentage of Deaths Attended by Health Personnel

66 Percentage of Population Covered by GSIS/SSS

Family Planning

67 Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (for any methods, by method used)
68 Percentage of Households with Access to Family Planning Services


69 Percentage of Households with Owned/Rented or Shared House and/or Lot
70 Percentage of Households Accepting Danger Areas
71 Percentage of Households with House Made of Durable Materials
72 Average Floor Area of Housing Units

Water and Sanitation

73 Percentage of Households with Sanitary Type of Toilet Facilities
74 Percentage of Households with Safe Main Source of Drinking Water
75 Percentage of Households with Sanitary Type of Garbage Disposal


76 Percentage of Households with Electricity Connection
77 Energy Consumption per Capita


78 Percentage of Paved Roads (national, local)


79 Postal Density (post offices/mailing stations per 1 000 population)
80 Telephone Density (per 1 000 population)
81 Percentage of Households with Radio/Radio Cassette/Television/Computer

Public Safety

82 Crime Rate by Type (crimes vs. persons; crimes vs. property)
83 Population-Policeman Ratio
84 Population-Fireman Ratio
85 Percentage of Crime Victims by Sex
86 Percentage of Abusers of Minors by Sex
87 Percentage of Perpetuators of Family Violence by Sex

Social Welfare

88 Percentage of Poor Households Provided with Basic Social Services

89 Percentage of Clientele (household head needy adults; children in difficult situations) served by DSWD by Sex


90 Number of Visitors

Science and Technology

91 Population S&T Professional Ratio

Community Development/Development Administration

92 Percentage of Elective Position by Sex of Persons Occupying the Positions

93 Percentage of Government Positions According to Level (1st, 2nd, 3rd) by Sex of Persons Holding the Positions


Employment Status

94 Unemployment Rate (both sexes)
95 Underemployment Rate (both sexes)

Income Status

96 Average Family Income (overall, by income decile, by sex of household head)
97 Per Capita Income of Family (overall, by sex of household head)
98 Poverty Incidence (overall, by sex of household head)
99 Subsistence Incidence (overall, by sex of household head)

Educational Status

100 Simple Literacy Rate (both sexes)
101 Functional Literacy Rate (both sexes)

Nutritional Status

102 Percentage of Pre-School Children who are Moderately and Severely Underweight (both sexes)

103 Percentage of School Children who are Moderately and Severely Underweight (both sexes)

104 Percentage of Pregnant Lactating Woman who are Moderately and Severely Underweight

105 Prevalence of Anaemia Iron Deficiency (by age group, both sexes)

106 Prevalence of Bitot’s Spot Vitamin A Deficiency (by age group, both sexes)

107 Prevalence of Goitre Iodine Deficiency (by age group, both sexes)

Health Status

108 Percentage of 0-6 Month Old Children with Low Birth Weight (less than 2.5 kilograms)

109 Morbidity Rate of 1st/2nd/3rd Leading Cause of Morbidity

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