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This manual on the sampling methodology for use in the construction of socio-economic indicators was initiated by the Sub-Committee on Social Science, Scientific Advisory Committee of the GFCM. It was carried out in collaboration with IREPA (Italy) and GEM (Spain).

The authors would like to thank in particular Vincenzo Placenti from IREPA, the Development Planning Service (FIPP), as well as the Members of the Sub-Committee on Economic and Social Sciences (SCESS) network for their comments and contribution to the manual.

Authors contact:

Evelina Sabatella
Irepa Onlus, Istituto Ricerche Economiche per la Pesca e l’Acquacoltura
Via S. Leonardo, Trav. Migliaro
84131 Salerno, ITALY

Ramón Franquesa
GEM, Gabinete de Economía del Mar
Universitat de Barcelona

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