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99. The workshop made recommendations related to two specific issues. The first was the definition of poverty as it is perceived in the PICs. The workshop recognized the need for the international definition (US$1 per person per day) to enable comparison across countries. However, it noted that a second financial measure for each country could also be developed, reflecting a more realistic amount relevant to that country.

100. Thus, the workshop recommended the following definition of poverty for Pacific Island Countries: “An inadequate level of sustainable human development” manifested by:

101. The second issue considered by the workshop was the various types of capacity-building for improved monitoring of food security and poverty. It identified as highly relevant for the Pacific Island countries training that:

102. In order to promote and encourage inter-country sharing of expertise, it was recommended that the participating countries identify TCDC programs available to PICs and utilize them for regional and national activities

103. Concerning the requirements for training at the regional level, the workshop first identified and then prioritised the key areas where capacity building was required. These needs were reflected in the following list which constitutes a medium-term plan for capacity building through regional training activities:

1. compilation of MDG indicators
2. compilation of Agriculture’s contribution to GDP
3. analysis and data use (including HIES)
4. nutrition information
5. Food Balance Sheets
7. environmental Indicators
8. data estimation and Forecasting
9. data dissemination and exchange
10. sampling methodology
11. survey/Census processing
12. fisheries Statistics
13. forestry Statistics

104. In terms of national training, individual countries or groups of countries expressed interest in capacity building in the following areas:

105. The workshop also recognised the need for on-the-job training and direct technical advisory services and recommended the provision of such inputs in support of the current priority activities associated with developing indicators for the MDGs and the development of national FIVIMS

106. The workshop was adjourned after a prayer by Mr Herman FRANCISCO (Palau) and a vote of thanks by Mr Pionie WILLIE (Vanuatu).

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