ESA Working Paper No. 03-17



A Conceptual Framework for National
Agricultural, Rural Development,
and Food Security Strategies and

Kostas Stamoulis and Alberto Zezza


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Agricultural and Development Economics Division
The Food and Agriculture Organization
of the United Nations



The purpose of the present Conceptual Framework document, developed in the context of FAO’s “Initiative to Review and Update National Agricultural, Rural Development and Food Security Strategies and Policies”, is to propose a flexible general approach to addressing food security through agricultural and rural development and direct actions to enhance immediate access to food. The target audience for the paper are member country stakeholders participating or interested in the strategy process, FAO country representatives, and FAO field and Headquarter staff. The paper may serve as a starting point for dialogue among these parties, to clarify the scope of the Initiative, and to propose a broad conceptual approach to the strategy process.


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