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Activities performed between September 2002 and July 2003


This is a general overview of the activities jointly achieved by APHCA and the Livestock Section of RAP during 2002-03 irrespective of the source of funding. Some activities in the first half of the year had to be delayed, postponed or cancelled because of the war in Iraq and the SARS crisis which imposed severe restrictions on travel.

1. Personal

1.1 Mr Denis Hoffmann resigned from the Organization in November 2002. In the interim period up to the appointment of the new Senior Officer and Secretary of APHCA, Mr Hans-Gerhard Wagner has been designated to take care of the Livestock Section and APHCA matters.

1.2 Mr Subhash Morzaria joined in February 2003 for a period of eight months as Senior Officer for Animal Production and Health whose main duty was to develop the Asian component of GF-TADs.

1.3 Ms Carolyn Benigno joined as Animal Health Officer (P4) in June 2003.

2. Organized meetings, training courses and workshops:

2.1 Pro-poor Livestock Policy Facility (PPLPF) workshop in Bangkok (November 2002) - Public policy challenges in the Asian livestock sector: Looking to 2030

2.2 ILR/SIDA/SLU workshop - Capacity building for the sustainable use of animal genetic resources in developing countries, Bangkok, Thailand (January 2003)

2.3 Pro-poor Livestock Policy Facility (PPLPF) workshop in Cambodia (June 2003) - Poverty alleviation, environment and public health: developing enabling policy environments for the livestock sector

2.4 South Asia Consultation under Global Framework for the Progressive Control of FMD and Other Transboundary Diseases (GF-TADs) (2-5 June 2003)

2.5 3rd OIE/FAO-APHCA Workshop on WTO’s SPS Agreement (8-11 July 2003)

2.6 Southeast Asia Consultation for GF-TADs (28-30 July 2003)

2.7 Organized the 62nd executive committee meeting and the 27th session of APHCA together with the Regional Consultation on progressive control of FMD and other TADs, Lahore, Pakistan, August 2003

2.8 Other relevant meetings/congresses attended:

2nd OIE-EU Workshop on animal movement management, Hanoi, Viet Nam, September 2002 (Wagner)

International Workshop on Animal Genetic Resources, Japan, December 2002 (Wagner)

Malaysia-Myanmar-Thailand Tri-state Commission Meeting, Thailand, January 2003 (Wagner)

4th Asian Buffalo Congress, Buffalo for food security and rural development, Delhi, India, February 2003 (Wagner)

WHO International Conference on Severe Acute Respiratory Syndromes (SARS), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 17-18 June 2003 (Morzaria)

9th meeting of the OIE Sub-Commission for FMD in Southeast Asia, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 1-8 March 2003 (Morzaria)

FAO Expert Livestock Consultation on Livestock Statistics, Bangkok, 8-11 July 2003 (Benigno)

JICA Project, Regional Meeting on Animal Quarantine and Animal Movement Management, Bangkok, 21-25 July 2003 (Morzaria, Benigno)

SEAFMD National Coordinators Meeting, Thailand, 30 July-1 August 2003 (Morzaria, Benigno)

SPS AusAID Design Mission Workshop for SEA, 4-5 August 2003 (Morzaria, Benigno)

3. Initiated/assisted in and follow up on projects

Newly approved projects

3.1 Bangladesh - TCP/BGD/2903 Training programme for the small-scale dairy sector (US$364 000)

3.2 DPR Korea (not APHCA member) - TCP/DRK/2905 Dairy goat improvement (US$350 000)

3.3 Nepal - TCP/NEP/2902 Protection against Rinderpest and other major diseases of farm livestock through emergency preparedness planning and new vaccine technology (US$361 000)

3.4 Pakistan - TCP/PAK/2903 Emergency assistance to areas affected by drought and refugee influx in Balochistan (US$363 000)

3.5 Thailand - TCP/THA/2805 Emergency supply of agricultural, livestock and fishery inputs to flood-affected farmers in northern provinces of Thailand (US$261 00)

3.6 Thailand - TCP/THA2802 Training programme for the small-scale dairy sector (US$359 000)

3.7 Add-on to UNDP/BGD/98 to develop livestock policy and strategy (US$200 000)

3.8 Regional - CFC Meat commodity diversification and upgrading of meat processing technologies in Asia-Pacific (US$831 095 as grant and US$100 000 as a loan). Beneficiary countries Philippines, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Samoa

3.9 Regional GEF-PDF-B Livestock waste management. (US$700 000) Participating countries Thailand, Viet Nam and China

Total newly approved projects with a value of US$2 559 095 without DPR Korea GEF-PDF-B and loan component in CFC (total US$3 709 095).

Ongoing projects

3.10 Bangladesh - TCP/168 Emergency control of PPR endemic

3.11 Bhutan - TCP/0166 Assistance in improving food security and rural income through improved pig production

3.12 India - UTF/IND/161 Follow-up Operation Flood

3.13 Regional - TCP/RAS/169 - Completed - Regional training on meat inspection

3.14 Regional - TCP/RAS/170 Strengthening cross-border animal disease surveillance and coordination between China, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam (Myanmar associated through APHCA funds)

3.15 Regional - TCP/RAS/171 National demonstrations on the lactoperoxidase system of milk preservation in selected Southeast Asian countries

3.16 Regional - TCP/RAS/172 Regional training in meat processing technology (Linked to the CFC project)

Pipeline or under preparation

3.17 Bangladesh - Dairy cattle breeding and artificial insemination
3.18 Philippines - Installing milk payment system
3.19 Philippines - FMD control
3.20 Myanmar - Dairy cattle breeding and artificial insemination
3.21 Myanmar - Small-scale dairy training
3.22 Regional - Swamp buffalo development
3.23 Regional - Animal identification and traceability

4. APHCA information unit

Posted draft proceedings and recommendations of the SA and SEA Asia Consultations on priorities for GF-TADs on the APHCA website.

Information is continuously posted on the web. Hard copies are distributed upon request.

Several publications have been brought out during 2002/3 as follows:


- Manual on the diagnosis of Nipah virus infection in animals (RAP 2002/01)

- Some issues associated with the livestock industries of the Asia-Pacific region (RAP 2002/06)

- A basic laboratory manual for the small scale production and testing of I-2 Newcastle disease vaccine (RAP 2002/22)

- The livestock industries of Thailand (2002/23)

- Report of the 26th Session of the Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia and the Pacific (RAP 2002/24)

- Report of the Second OIE/FAO-APHCA Workshop on WTO’s Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary (SPS) Agreement (printed by APHCA and OIE)

- Report of the OIE/FAO-APHCA/DLD Regional Workshop on BSE Diagnosis and Surveillance (printed by APHCA and OIE)


- The Yak - second edition (RAP 2003/06)

5. Promoting membership of APHCA

China voiced interest in joining APHCA. The Secretariat provided the sample “Instrument of Acceptance” as well as guidelines for China to join as a new member of APHCA and invited China to attend the 27th APHCA Session. Follow up on China joining APHCA has been made.

The delegate from PNG agreed at the 26th Session in Malaysia to explore the possibility of Pacific Island countries becoming APHCA members. Follow up with the PNG delegate has been made by the Secretariat.

6. Collaborative activities with international organizations and donor agencies

Several collaborative activities are in progress or planned for the future:

- The GF-TADs priority setting for the Asian region is partially funded by the International Livestock Research Institute based in Kenya. It is expected that some of the research issues identified through the Regional Consultations will require ILRI’s input.

- ILRI and FAO have also worked closely in developing a proposal for funding by ADB on strengthening animal health delivery systems in Southeast Asian countries.

- Collaboration continues with the Office International des Epizooties SEAFMD Campaign to harmonize plans for the control of FMD and other transboundary diseases in the region.

- Significant inputs in the FAO planned activities related to training and building capacity in epidemiology and diagnostics are being made by CSIRO, Australia, VLA, UK, IAEA and JICA offices based in Bangkok, Thailand.

- Contacts are being developed with EU, ADB and AusAID to seek funding support for a number of activities related to the control of transboundary animal diseases in the region.

7. Other work to be continued and planned up to end 2003

- Training course in Epidemiology and Diagnostic Techniques for Rinderpest, Pests des Petits Ruminants (PPR), FMD and Classical Swine Fever will be organized in October and November 2003, respectively (China, Viet Nam).

- Draft country reports as the basis of the First Report on the State of the World’s Animal Genetic Resources have been received. Regional synthesis workshops are planned for later in 2003.

- Participation in the consultation meeting will be done for the Upper Mekong Area as part of the SEAFMD activity on zoning.

- Participation in the launching of the MTM agreement will be attended to and inputs to the planned meeting on its programme of activities will be provided.

- A proposal on an economic impact assessment on FMD in the MTM, Upper and Lower Mekong areas will be developed.

- The status of Classical Swine Fever (CSF) in Southeast Asia needs to be established before a regional activity can be planned.

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