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Provisional Agenda for the 64th Executive Committee Meeting and the 28th Session of APHCA

1. Opening of the session

2. Adoption of the agenda, induction of chairperson and election of executive committee members

3. Minutes of the 62nd and the 63rd executive committee meetings and the 27th session of APHCA

4. Statement of accounts of APHCA trust fund for 2004 and other financial matters

5. Report on APHCA activities during 2003-2004

6. APHCA programme of work and budget for 2005 and 2006

7. Update and future requirements for regional collaboration in the control of HPAI in Asia and the Pacific

8. Workshop on small-scale dairy production and processing

9. Provisional agenda and venue for the 65th executive committee meeting and the 29th session of APHCA

10. Other business

11. Adoption of the minutes/report of the session

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