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The USDA Forest Service, the European Commission (through the EC-FAO Partnership Programme) and FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific provided financial support for the study. In-kind support was provided by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), and the governments of Australia and New Zealand.

Thanks are due particularly to the country case study authors: C. Catton, A. Gerrand, A. Josline and R. Miller (Australia); Jintao Xu, Nuyun Li and Yiying Cao (China); S.K. Pande and D. Pandey (India); P. Guizol and A.L.P. Aruan (Indonesia); Chan Hing Hon and Chiang Wei Chia (Sabah, Malaysia); D. Rhodes and J. Novis (New Zealand); R.T. Acosta (Philippines); Narong Mahannop (Thailand) and Daowei Zhang (U.S.A.). Their patience and support through the long process of finalizing this document are much appreciated.

Appreciation is also extended to D. Pandey who coordinated the study during its early stage and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in the Philippines for graciously hosting a workshop that brought the case study authors together.

Special thanks are due to Adrian Whiteman who provided many helpful comments. The able assistance of Robin Leslie is acknowledged in polishing the final manuscript and preparing the publication for printing.

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