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The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific acknowledges with thanks the support given for research and publication by the United Nations Development Programme of Thailand under interagency collaboration facility of Support for Policy and Programme Development.

FAO records its sincere thanks to the three national consultants who undertook the field research and made the construction of gender and technology knowledge base a reality. This publication is a synthesis of the major findings, but their real work is documented in the full report of the research findings as well as among the rural communities with whom they interacted during long months of the fieldwork.

FAO acknowledges with gratefulness the support given to this activity by central, provincial and district level officers in the Royal Thai Government as well as by the leaders and members of local governments. Without their enthusiastic cooperation we could not have accomplished this task.

Last but not least, FAO acknowledges the support given to the research team by the rural communities, both men and women and the leaders and members in the civil society. Special thanks are due to the men and women who participated in the numerous participatory assessments in spite of their commitments to their farm and home work demands.

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