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"Nothing sells like bad news," and reports of rampant forest destruction in Asia and the Pacific provide ample merchandise for headline-hungry media purveyors and a receptive public. But is the situation really as bad as portrayed? Are there perhaps more positive and inspiring stories to be revealed?

In search of excellence: exemplary forest management in Asia and the Pacific shatters the myth that there is no positive forestry being practiced in the region. This book celebrates the triumphs of forest managers, farmers and local communities in balancing the range of socio-economic and environmental demands made on forests. In doing so, it reveals monumental accounts of innovation, perseverance and dedication from across the region-stories that should inspire and motivate others to redouble their efforts to protect and manage effectively the region's spectacular forests.

Collectively, the story of forestry that emerges may be more about endeavor and ingenuity than greed, indifference and incompetence.

"Inspiring examples that show the way forward.
Yes, excellent forest management is not only possible but already
happening in places across Asia and the Pacific."
Neil Byron, Commissioner,
Productivity Commission, Australia

"...stunning examples of innovation, leadership, and success in the forests
of Asia and the Pacific. The stories gathered here show that there is hope
for forests where new ideas are allowed to flourish."
Nigel Sizer, Director, Asia-Pacific Forests Program,
The Nature Conservancy

"Hope is on its way. We have had enough of doom and gloom.
These inspiring stories remind us there are good people out there
doing good things in the forests. This book does more than
search for excellence. It found it."
David Kaimowitz, Director General,
Center for International Forestry Research

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