Compendium of Agricultural – Environmental Indicators

1989-91 to 2000


Statistics Analysis Service
Statistics Division
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

November 2003



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Much can be revealed about the state of food insecurity and hunger by analysing agricultural-environmental indicators. The Statistics Division has been considering this aspect for quite sometime and publication of the present Compendium is a step in this direction. It brings together data compiled and maintained by the Division to derive agricultural-environmental indicators. The Compendium presents time series of selected indicators in a logical manner to help policy makers in understanding the state of the agri-environment and assist in framing suitable policies.

While working on the Compendium, limitations of available data and occasionally its poor quality are reflected. This has been noted and highlighted. However, as the macro-view has not affected, all available data has been included.

The Compendium has been prepared by Mr. Dominic Ballayan, Statistician and Ms. Giorgia DeSantis, Statistical Clerk under the overall supervision of Mr. Pratap Narain, Senior Officer in the Statistical Analysis Service of the Division. The work was supported by Mr. Mohamed Barre, Statistician, Ms. Amanda Gordon, Statistician and Ms. Giulia Cimino, Statistical Clerk by providing necessary data on external assistance to agriculture, agricultural investment, macro-economic aggregates and fertilizer consumption. The work is being treated as a pilot study at this stage. Comments and suggestions to improve the Compendium may be sent to Mr. Jorge Mernies, Chief, Statistical Analysis Service, Statistics Division.

Statistics Division
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations



Symbols used in the tables


1.1 Framework

1.2. Presentation

1.3. Analysis of the data included in the Compendium

1.4. Arrangement of the set of indicators

1.5. An overview of the state of agricultural environment

(a) Agricultural area and Total area

(b) Arable land & permanent crops and agricultural area

(c) Irrigation

(d) Livestock


2.1 Spatial and temporal comparison

2.1.1 Spatial and temporal comparison among economic groups

2.1.2 Spatial and temporal comparison among continental groups

2.1.3 Spatial and temporal comparison among regional groups

2.2 Indicators for world and for economic, regional and continental groups

2.2.1. World

2.2.2 Developed countries

2.2.3. Transition markets

2.2.4 . Developing countries

2.2.5. Latin American countries

2.2.6. The Caribbean countries

2.2.7. Near East and North Africa

2.2.8. Sub-Saharan Africa

2.2.9. East and South East Asia and China

2.2.10. South Asia

2.2.11. Africa

2.2.12. North and Central America

2.2.13. South America

2.2.14. Asia excluding (eight) Former USSR Republics

2.2.15. Europe excluding (seven) Former USSR Republics

Annex 1: Composition of continental and regional groupings

Annex 2: Defini