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Under the general supervision of the Chief, FIPP, the consultant will:

a) Collect information on the fiscal strategy for the fisheries and aquaculture sector of Tanzania, as part of a general review of payments by the fisheries sector to the public administration being carried out principally in Africa in preparation for a workshop on the subject.

b) Specifically, study changes such as licence (for right to fish; for boats, for fixed gear, etc.); landing fees (linked to the number of landings, or volumes of fish landed); quota fees and export taxes, and other transfers if ascertained to be important.

c) Examine the origins, and purpose, and legal status, as well as value or tonnage involved annually for each sector of the industry as well as the evolution of the use of the funds received and the involvement of institutions.

d) Assess overall impact of the transfer payments with regard to each major fishery, as well as aquaculture along with direct and indirect effects, and influence on the sector and if there has been a reduction in effort and recovery of stocks.

A report will be produced by the consultant in electronic and hard copy and delivered to the Chief FIPP before31 October.

Travel will involve two trips Maputo - Dar-es-Salaam (7 days) - Maputo, and Maputo - Dar-es-Salaam (7days) - Maputo.

Duration of the WAE contract (including 14 days Dar) will be 25 days - Duty station Maputo.

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