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Strengthening Synergies between FAO’s ACPWP and ICFPA

Discussion Paper prepared by
A. Lazar, President, Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC)

1 The Partners

The International Council of Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA) is comprised of the vast majority of the world’s private sector paper and wood industries. ICFPA pursues common interests and common positions on global matters related to forestry.

The FAO Advisory Committee on Paper and Wood Products (ACPWP) is a private sector advisory body chosen by FAO which provides advice and assistance on FAO projects and seeks FAO assistance for private sector concerns.

2 Current Situation

There is considerable overlap in the agendas and the memberships of the two organizations, but roles are distinct.

ICFPA includes a broader cross section of private sector organizations which are selected by industry and not by government.

The ACPWP’s priorities and requests to FAO emerge for the most part from the largely overlapping membership of the ICFPA meeting immediately preceding the ACPWP meeting.

3 Proposals for streamlining

• Differentiate functions

• Complement each other on shared functions

• Rationalize the two organizations

4 Questions for Discussion

• Are members happy with the way the ACPWP is now?

• What form of rationalization would be most useful?

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