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Annex 3
Project Team

Professional staffPostDuration
K.D. SinghProject Coordinator42
H. FischerAPO/Project Officer (forest resources assessment/biometrics)36
M. LarssonAPO in Thailand (forest resources assessment)30
A. HildemanAPO (forest resources assessment)27
D. DeCourseyAPO (GIS)24
S. VanhaeverbekeAPO in Peru (remote sensing)14
M. LorenziniProject Officer (GIS)27
H. SimonsAPO (remote sensing)17
J. KlaverProject Officer in Brazil (forest resources assessment)12
P. HowardProject Officer (GIS)2
F. BorryAPO (forest resources appraisal)4
Support staff  
Y. Caccia-LupuAdministrative Clerk30
P. SimonettiSecretary22
R. Nasoni-CianchiData entry clerk/Secretary12
Main consultants  
R. DrigoRemote sensing36
A. MarzoliData processing36
G. Mu'AmmarGIS/Data processing9
D. PiaggesiForest resources assessment6
Other consultants  
W. AnthonyFollow-up project formulation2
V.J. LaBauRapporteur/forest inventory2
R. CzaplewskiStatistics2
K. WaddellData processing2
M. ConnellyData processing2
J. SpencerResource appraisal2
W. DisbrowResource appraisal2
C. FayadRemote sensing training2
J. UhligData processing4
Technical backstopping  
K. JanzSenior Forestry Officer (forest resources assessment/monitoring) 

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