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This report is the result of a collaborative process undertaken by the Afghanistan Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (MAAH) and both the FAO Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation Division (TCE) and the FAO Crop and Grassland Service (AGPC). The Government of Italy is also acknowledged for its generous contribution that made this survey and report possible.

We would like to acknowledge the dedicated work of more than 90 brave field staff in Afghanistan who conducted the survey despite adverse climatic conditions and the chronically insecure situation. Very special thanks are addressed to Mr Abdul Wahab, the National Survey Assistant, Mr Mir, National Survey Coordinator and Mr Etienne Careme, FAO International Information Officer, and the team of data entry clerks for their invaluable contribution and tireless work.

FAO would like to thank the dedicated work of Messrs. Gul Ahmad, M. A. Asifi, G.R. Samadi, Z. Noor, A.S. Nazari, A.R. Shinwari and M. Morad.

FAO would also like to acknowledge the invaluable efforts of Giuseppe De Bac, project coordinator of the survey and this report.

Thanks also go the consultant editor, Barbara Hall, consultant graphic designer, Filippo Maiolo, CD-Rom specialist, Ivan Grifi, FAO Operations Officer, Marco Miagostovich and FAO Art Editor, Marina Criscuolo for their valuable efforts.

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