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With financial support from the Government of Japan, an FAO project, GCP/INT/788/JPN, was initiated in 2001 to address issues related to factors of overexploitation and unsustainability in fisheries. The aim of the project is to improve fisheries management through better knowledge of factors leading to unsustainability and overexploitation in fisheries, and to improve the framework for the implementation of international fisheries instruments.

A first workshop on factors contributing to unsustainability and overexploitation in fisheries was organized in the context of this project in Bangkok, Thailand, from 4 to 8 February 2002 (“the Bangkok Workshop”).[1]

A second workshop on the implementation of international fisheries instruments and factors of unsustainability and overexploitation in fisheries was held in Mauritius, from 3 to 7 February 2003 (“The Mauritius Workshop”).

This document contains the report of the Mauritius Workshop, discussion papers containing eleven case studies and notes submitted to the workshop by participants. This document, and in particular the conclusions adopted by workshop participants, will serve as a basis for further analytical work aimed at improved fisheries management and a more effective implementation of major international fisheries instruments. Such work will be pursued in 2003, and the final aim of the project is the organization in 2004 of a major international conference on factors of unsustainability and the effective implementation of international fisheries management instruments.

The document was compiled and edited by Ms Judith Swan, Consultant, and Dr Dominique Gréboval, Senior Fishery Planning Officer (FAO Fisheries Department) and Technical Secretary of the Workshop.


Participants in the Workshop
FAO Fisheries Department
Fisheries Officers in FAO Regional Offices iv

[1] The report of the Bangkok Workshop is published in FAO Fisheries Report No. 672, "Report and documentation of the International Workshop on Factors Contributing to Unsustainability and Overexploitation in Fisheries, Bangkok, Thailand, 4-8 February 2002", Gréboval, ed.

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