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This international workshop was organized to identify factors of unsustainability and overexploitation in fisheries and review major issues in the implementation of international fisheries instruments.

The workshop referred closely to the results of a first meeting held in Bangkok in 2002 (The International Workshop on Factors Contributing to Unsustainability and Overexploitation in Fisheries) but aimed more specifically at answering the following three important questions: What are the major obstacles to the implementation of key legal instruments? What are the main lessons learned and the possible paths to solutions for improved implementation? What are the possible gaps in these instruments impeding the international community from improving the management of marine fisheries?

The workshop was based on a review of eleven case studies, each relating to one of the following categories of fishery: large volume small pelagics; tuna and tuna-like species; large volume demersals; and coastal fisheries.

This publication contains the report of the workshop, discussion papers presenting case studies and notes submitted by participants. The document, and in particular the conclusions adopted by workshop participants, will serve as a basis for further analytical work aimed at improving fisheries management and a more effective implementation of major international fisheries instruments.

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