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Preparation of this document

This paper was prepared to document historical trends of tuna catches at global and regional scales. In the 1990s these trends deviated from those of total world production of all other fish species from capture fisheries, which reversed its long-term upward trend, while the total tuna catch has continued increasing. The development of the world and Atlantic tuna fisheries and their catches were documented by Dr Peter Miyake, while those of the Indian and Pacific fisheries are described by Drs Hideki Nakano and Naozumi Miyabe, respectively. The authors are grateful to Mr Nick Webb for editing the paper for language.

FAO’s Project on the Management of Tuna Fishing Capacity: Conservation and Socio-Economics (GCP/INT/851/JPN) financed this publication and the study on which it reports, organized by Dr Jacek Majkowski, Fishery Resources Officer of the Marine Resources Service of that Department.

The authors are thankful for their contributions and the assistance received in completing the document.

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