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7. Project evolution: and the future?

The ability to track the daily production of each cow allows members of the Cooperative Societies of Dairy Producers of Rosario Area Ltd. in Argentina, to sell them at a better price, since the production of their offspring can be guaranteed and supported with many years of information about their ancestors.

Though all computerization projects have a start and an end date, computerization itself, once started, is a project that transforms and improves all the time as requirements, people and technology change. This is called project evolution.

Numerous studies of the impact of computerization have shown that computerization produces two major impacts:

Exactly how the project evolves will depend on many factors: you might decide to change the technology or modify the procedures, or maybe expand the system to other areas, or add more services.

Some key points to ponder

Many cooperatives have set up a Web site giving information about their history, business and products. A Web site is easy to install and cheap to design and maintain, giving global visibility on the Internet.

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