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Principal Objectives of the Consultation and Expected Outputs

Dr. J. Lubroth,
Senior Officer, EMPRES

The Consultative Group Meeting for CBPP is unique in character in that it brings together field veterinarians, laboratory diagnosticians, researchers, policy makers and international partner institutions such as the AU-IBAR, OIE and the FAO/IAEA Joint Division. The meeting attempts to synthesize scientific (technical experience and ideas) coupled with practical field experience in the hope of coming to a common consensus on the way forward in the protection of cattle for the progressive control of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP). That being the case, the responsibility on this group is tremendous considering the present epidemic situation of CBPP in Africa. The cross fertilization of ideas, technical exchanges, forceful interpretation of the way forward in CBPP control have at times led to sterile debates and arguments that have unfortunately, led to less than productive meeting outcomes. Today, CBPP has invaded parts of countries in Africa where the disease has not been reported for over half a century. We must, as a technical group, make a difference for the better by:

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