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77. The Consultation examined, under exceptional circumstances, the particular situation of the tuna fisheries in the western and central Pacific Ocean. In view of the urgency of the situation, and the fact that the relevant RFMO is still in the process of becoming operational, the Consultation made the following suggestions, as contained in paragraph 79.

78. Although RFMOs should adopt management measures for limitation of capacity in conformity with their management objectives, the Consultation noted with concern still expanding fishing capacity of large-scale tuna fishing vessels in western and central Pacific. To ensure effective implementation of IPOA-capacity in the region, in accordance with paragraphs 39 and 40 of the IPOA, the following measures were suggested to be taken urgently.

79. Where fishing capacity in the region is undermining the achievement of sustainable tuna fisheries based upon stock assessment on relevant species, particularly those with high economic values:

- cessation of introduction of large-scale tuna fishing vessels over the existing fishing capacity in the fishery by States and fishing entities with large high seas fishing fleets;

- restraints of issuance of fishing authorizations by coastal States in the region and/or by Flag States to foreign owned and operated large-scale tuna fishing vessels if it leads to an increase in the existing fishing capacity;

- collection, exchange and disclosure to the extent possible under domestic law, of information on the activities of international business entities such as trading companies undermining effectiveness of the IPOAs so that the concerned States and fishing entities can take appropriate cooperative actions to prevent such activities;

- implementation of a fleet reduction programme by any State or fishing entity whose nationals or residents caused significant expansion of tuna fishing capacity in the region in the recent years contrary to RFMOs recommendations or the IPOA-capacity;

- cooperation and coordination among RFMOs, Coastal States and flag States to avoid transfer of overcapacity from one region to another, and from tuna fisheries to other fisheries.

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