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On behalf of the Seed and Plant Genetic Resources Service (AGPS) and the Emergency Operations Service (TCEO) of FAO, we would like to thank the Governments of Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States of America for providing financial support to convene the international workshop Effective and Sustainable Seed Relief Activities and to facilitate the participation of a number of experts and practitioners in the workshop.

Special thanks are also extended to all those from a range of relief organizations, donor agencies and research institutes, as well as from several units of FAO at headquarters and in the field, who assisted in the planning and implementation of the workshop, in providing background papers and case studies and in contributing to the constructive discussions during the workshop.

The organization of this workshop was coordinated by David Cooper of AGPS in conjunction with Dominique Burgeon of TCEO and with the assistance of Louise Sperling of the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT). The workshop report was prepared by Louise Sperling (CIAT), Tom Osborn (AGPS) and David Cooper (AGPS).

Arturo Martinez
Chief, Seed and Plant Genetic Resources Service
Plant Production and Protection Division
Agriculture Department
FAO, Rome

Fernanda Guerrieri
Chief, Emergency Operations Service
Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation Division
Technical Cooperation Department
FAO, Rome

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