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Monday 26 May 2003

Session 1: Introduction (09:00-10:00)

Welcome addresses

Self introductions of participants

Introduction to the workshop

Coffee Break

Session 2: Background presentations (10:30-12:30)

Chair: Arturo Martinez


Lunch Break

Session 3: Country case studies (14:00-16:30)

Chair: Fernanda Guerrieri

Tea Break

Session 4: Plenary Discussion (17:00-17:45)

Chair: Kostas Stamoulis, Chief, Agricultural Sector in Economic Development Service, FAO

Review of lessons from the day

18:00: Reception offered by Ms Bauer and Mr Solh

Tuesday 27 May 2003

Session 5: Identification of general principles for strengthening seed systems and livelihoods through seed relief (08:30-09:45)

Chair: Cristina Amaral, Senior Officer, TCEO

Review of issues arising from background presentations and plenary discussion on day one

Session 6: Current practice, tools and needs in seed systems relief

Establishment of three working groups (09:45-10:00)

Coffee Break

Three working groups to review current practice and tools available and identify priority needs and gaps (10:30-12:30):

A. Preparedness and needs assessment

Facilitators: Richard China and Carlos Dominguez

B. Intervention options and implementation

Facilitators: Tom Osborn and Yon Fernandez

C. Evaluation and impact: building in a learning process

Facilitators: Rachel Bedouin and Wardie Leppan

Lunch Break

Report back from working groups to plenary (14:00-15:00)

Session 7: Perspectives and next steps

Establishment of three working groups (15:00-15:15)

Three working groups to review outstanding items and next steps from different perspectives (15:15-17:00):

1. Donor and policy-maker level

Facilitators: Cristina Amaral and Elizabeth Newell

2. Operational level

Facilitators: Olivier Cossee and Michael Larinde

3. Technical and implementation level

Facilitators: Leslie Lipper and Tom Remington

Report back from working groups to plenary (17:00-18:00)

Wednesday 28 May 2003

Session 8: Conclusion, recommendations, including next steps (09:30-11:30)

Chairs: Arturo Martinez and Richard China

Formulation of conclusions and recommendations, including next steps, based on the outputs of day one and day two

Lunch Break

Session 9: Closing session (14:00-15:00)

Chair: Fernanda Guerrieri


Banyankeye Pégase
Director of Seeds and Plants
Ministry of Agriculture
Bujumbura, Burundi

Paula Bramel
c/o CRS; PO Box 39063
Nairobi, Kenya

Christel Bultman
c/o FAO Representation
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Francois Burgaud
Service of International Relations & General Communications
44, rue du Louvre
75001 Paris, France

Joaquim Cunha
Unit for Coordination of Emergencies in Agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture
Maputo, Mozambique

Bernard De Schrevel
First Secretary (Cooperation)
Representation of Belgium to FAO
Via Omero 8
00197 Rome, Italy
Tel. (+39) 06 3203903
Fax (+39) 06 3203992

Carlos Domínguez
Caixa Postal 1678
Maputo, Mozambique

Daniel Donati
c/o FAO Representation
Nairobi, Kenya

Graham Farmer
Emergency Coordinator for Southern Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa

Stefano Gasperini
c/o FAO Representation
Maputo, Mozambique

Sérgio Gouveia
Unit for Coordination of Emergencies in Agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture
Maputo, Mozambique

Francois Grunewald
Groupe Urgence Réhabilitation
Paris, France

Toby Hodgkin
Principal Scientist
Via dei Tre Denari, 472/a
00057 Maccarese (Fiumicino), Rome, Italy
Tel. (+39) 06 61181

Samuel Kugbei
International Center for Agricultural
Research in Dry Areas
Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic

Wardie Leppan
International Development Research Centre
PO Box 8500
Ottawa, ON K1G 3H9

Felix Mathenge
Seed Expert
c/o FAO Representation
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Carmen Mortensen
Thorvaldsensvej 57
DK-1871 Frederiksberg C
Copenhagen, Denmark

Claude Nankam
Food Security Adviser
Agriculture Team Leader
World Vision, Inc.
220 "I" Street NE, Suite 270
Washington, DC, 20002
Tel. (+1) 202 5726361
Fax (+1) 202 5474834

Elizabeth Newell
US Agency for International Development
Washington, DC
Tel. (+1) 202 7120462

Paul Omanga
Catholic Relief Servcies, Kenya Office
PO Box 39063,
Nairobi, Kenya

Anne Onyango
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural
PO Box 30028
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel. (+254) 2718870

Tom Osborn
c/o Secretariat of the Pacific Community
Private Mail Bag
Suva, Fiji
now: Agricultural Of.cer (Seed Security)
FAO Seed and Plant Genetic Resources
Service, Rome, Italy

Elobeid Ibrahim Osman
c/o FAO Representative in Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tom Remington
Catholic Relief Services
PO Box 49675
Nairobi, Kenya

Antoine Renard
Food Aid Unit (D52)
Belgian Development Cooperation
Rue des Petits Carmes 15
B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

Paul Rossiter
c/o FAO Representation
Nairobi, Kenya

Ana Salomão
Department of Studies and Evaluation
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural
Luanda, Angola

J. A. Scaglia
Emergency Coordinator
FAO Burundi

Louise Sperling
Senior Scientist
International Center for Tropical Agriculture
c/o "Le Ginestre"
Lucio Volumnio 37
00178 Rome, Italy
Tel. (+39) 06 7185454

Jeroen T.M.G. Steeghs
Deputy Permanent Representative,
Permanent Representation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Via delle Terme Deciane 6
00153 Rome, Italy

Mohammed Tazi
Directeur du Centre de Production des Semences Pastorales
BP 79
El Jadida, Morocco

Innocent Uwimana
National Seed Service
Kigali, Rwanda

Steve Walsh
Catholic Relief Services
Av. Muyinga N5 BP 665
Bujumbura, Burundi

Edward Dalitso Zulu
Regional Coordinator
SADC Seed Security Network
PO Box 4046, Harare
43 Robson Manyika Avenue
Harare, Zimbabwe

FAO headquarters staff


Agriculture Department
Louise Fresco
(Assistant Director-General)

Secretariat, Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
Alvaro Toldeo

Seed and Plant Genetic Resources Service
Arturo Martinez (Chief)
Michael Larinde
Nuria Urquia
David Cooper
Stefano Diulgheroff
Murthi Anishetty
France Lamy
Karling Tao

Plant Protection Service
William Settle

Technical Cooperation Department
Henri Carsalade
(Assistant Director-General)
Alessandra Basilico

Field Operations Division
Andrew MacMillan (Director)
Kevin Gallagher

Technical Cooperation Programme Service
Dominique Bordet

Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation Division
Anne Bauer (Director)

Rehabilitation and Humanitarian Policies Unit
Richard China (Coordinator)
Patrick Jacqueson
Erminio Sacco

Emergency Operations Service
Fernanda Guerrieri (Chief)
Dominique Burgeon
Cristina Amaral
Yon Fernandez de Larrinoa
Angela Hinrichs
JeanFrancois Gascon
Daniela Mangione
Toni Ettel
Ariella Glinni

Economic and Social Department
Hartwig de Haen
(Assistant Director-General)

Agricultural Sector in Economic Development Service
Kostas Stamoulis (Chief)
Leslie Lipper
Romina Cavatassi

Global Information and Early Warning Service
Ahmed Shukri

Office of Programme, Budget and Evaluation

Evaluation Service
Masa Kato (Chief)
Olivier Cossee
Rachel Bedouin
Daniel Shallon

Adminstration and Finance Department

Administrative Services Division

Procurement Service
Regina Gambino

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