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1. The participants of the Workshop unanimously agreed that an evident progress had taken place in dealing with incidental catch of seabirds in the longline fisheries in South America, if compare with the situation when the first workshop on the issue was held two years ago. The main achievements in this question were summarized as follows:

2. The meeting also concluded that there exists a good basis for regional cooperation on the reduction of incidental catch of seabirds in countries with longline fisheries in South Pacific and South Atlantic. In this context, the cooperation between FAO and BirdLife International, which allowed the holding of this workshop, was commended.


1. The Workshop recognized the need for countries with fisheries interacting with seabirds in South America, to continue the study of this problem in order to ensure the sustainability of the seabirds population along with the sustainability of concerned fisheries.

2. It was also recognized the need for an involvement of all interested parties in the solution of this problem, particularly the participation of key institutions and their specialists, like fishery management authorities, fishery research institutions, relevant NGOs, and fishing companies. The need for improving the scientific observation processes was also stressed.

3. The meeting made the following recommendations:

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