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Other guidelines

There are some other FAO guidelines related to registration, testing, certification and good user practice for sprayers. The guideline series consists of the following additional titles:

Guidelines on procedures for the registration, certification and testing of new pesticide application equipment

These guidelines outline a further way by which governments can influence pesticide safety by controlling the quality of the pesticide application equipment manufactured in or imported into the country. By incorporating into national legislation, a requirement for manufacturers and importers to declare that application equipment meets standards of safety and durability, it should be possible gradually to reduce and eventually to eliminate sub-standard equipment from the market.

Guidelines on the organization of schemes for testing and certification of agricultural pesticide sprayers in use

This publication covers the testing and certification of the sprayers currently applying pesticides on commercial farms. They address an urgent need in many countries to ensure that where pesticides are used in crop production, they are applied through equipment that is safe and fully functional. The issue applies to both large field crop and orchard sprayers, as well as to operator-carried equipment.

Guidelines on the organization and operation of training schemes and certification procedures for operators of pesticide application equipment

These guidelines consider the training, testing and certification of those who actually operate pesticide application equipment. Even the best-designed and maintained sprayer can do immeasurable damage in the hands of an unskilled operator and the importance of these guidelines should not be underestimated.

A further two guidelines in the series cover application of pesticides using aircraft and field crop sprayers and tree and bush crop sprayers:

Guidelines on good practice for aerial application of pesticides; and Guidelines on good practice for ground application of pesticides

These guidelines have been prepared to offer practical help and guidance to all those involved in using pesticides for food and fibre production or in public health programmes. They cover the main terrestrial and aerial spray application techniques.

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