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IT IS IMPORTANT that the specific target groups for all policies and programmes be identified. The questions need to be asked 'Who are the targets of policy initiatives? Who is involved in the different aspects of food security and what could be done to improve the situation? Is the concerned group, women, men, youth, children, minority groups, disabled or a combination of several groups which should be addressed separately as sub groups (rich/poor, married/single etc.)?


The United Nations High Level Committee on Programmes has produced a Note on organizing the UN response to the triple threat of food insecurity, weakened capacity for governance and AIDS for southern and eastern Africa. One of the main programmatic points is: "to undertake dedicated programmes for women's empowerment". Women, who make up the majority of African farmers, are the backbone of agricultural systems and are key drivers of both rural and urban economies. The roles of men and women need to be addressed to promote a safe and supportive environment for women's socio-economic empowerment.

Source: FAO, 2004a.

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