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63. On behalf of the Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific, Mr Staples thanked all the participants for their active input into the Workshop. He stated that he was very impressed with their industrious and positive participation, both in plenary discussions and in the working groups. On behalf of all participants, Mr Staples also thanked his FAO for making the Workshop both informative and interesting. He added that the host Government of Malaysia and the Secretariat contributed greatly to the success of the Workshop. Mr Staples noted that all the arrangements were excellent and it had been a pleasure working with the organizers, both in the planning and implementation of the Workshop. He added that FAO remained committed to the implementation of the IPOA-IUU in Southeast Asia and hoped that the start made in this Workshop would be carried forward into the development of NPOAs-IUU in each country. Mr Staples concluded that working in collaboration with other subregional fishery bodies, FAO hoped that it would be possible to maintain contact and collectively address the many IUU fishing issues in the subregion.

64. Mr Doulman also thanked the participants and observers, staff of the Malaysian Department of Fisheries and FAO colleagues for their support and hard work before and during the Workshop. He expressed his gratitude to the Workshop Representative. The Technical Secretary stressed the importance of the effective implementation of the IPOA-IUU in Southeast Asia where the responsible management and utilization of all fisheries were of the utmost social and economic importance. He reiterated that FAO gave high priority to the implementation of the IPOA-IUU, to achieving long-term sustainable outcomes in fisheries and to ensuring that the fisheries sector made a maximum contribution to food security and human welfare.

65. Ms Poungthong Onoora, on behalf of the participants and observers, expressed her appreciation to the Government of Malaysia for hosting the Workshop. She also expressed her gratitude to the Director-General of the Department of Fisheries, Malaysia, and his efficient staff for their hospitality and kind assistance extended to all participants and observers during their stay in Penang. Ms Onoora thanked FAO for organizing the very useful Workshop and extended special thanks to Mr David Doulman, Mr Derek Staples and Ms Judith Swan, along with other FAO staff. She added that she believed that the Workshop had marked an important milestone in combating IUU fishing activities in Southeast Asia. Finally, Ms Onoora thanked all participants and observers for their active participation and contributions in making the Workshop a great success.

66. The Workshop closed at 12.00 hrs on 14 October 2004.

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