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1. Opening of the Session

2. Adoption of the Agenda and arrangements for the Session

3. Election of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons and designation of Drafting Committee

4. Progress Report on the Implementation of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries and Related International Plans of Action (Capacity, IUU Fishing, Seabirds and Sharks), and the Strategy for Improving Information on Status and Trends of Capture Fisheries

5. Assistance to the fishing communities affected by the tsunami in the Indian Ocean and measures to rehabilitate and reactivate the fisheries and aquaculture sectors in the countries concerned

6. Decisions and Recommendations of the Ninth Session of the COFI Sub-Committee on Fish Trade (Bremen, Germany, 10 - 14 February 2004) including recent developments with regard to Ecolabelling and CITES

7. Decisions and Recommendations of the Second Session of the COFI Sub-Committee on Aquaculture, Trondheim, Norway, 7 - 11 August 2003

8. Enabling responsible small-scale fisheries, through the creation of a supportive environment

9. Deep-sea fisheries

10. Sea Turtles Conservation and Fisheries

11. Marine Protected Areas and Fisheries

12. Review of Major Programme 2.3 "Fisheries": Planned Activities over the Period 2006 - 2011, as regards Major Programme 2.3 "Fisheries" and Preliminary Information on Programme of Work and Budget Proposals for 2006 - 2007

13. Any other matters

14. Date and place of the next Session

15. Adoption of the Report

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