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117. The next Intersessional CWP meeting will be hosted by ICCAT and held in Madrid in February or March 2006. The meeting thanked ICCAT for the invitation. In connection with the CWP intersessional meeting, a FIGIS-FIRMS meeting will also be organized. The combined duration of the two meetings is expected not to exceed three days.

118. FAO offered to host the Twenty-second CWP Session and the meeting gratefully accepted the invitation. It was agreed that the meeting should be held in the week before COFI, at the end of February or early March 2007.

119. Referring to a letter received from Eurostat, the meeting discussed the possibility of reducing the duration of the CWP sessions. It was agreed that the Secretariat should aim at holding the CWP Session, the FIRMS Steering Committee meeting and any related workshop during the same week, i.e. in a maximum of five working days. It was also noted that the agenda should include detailed annotations clearly indicating the matters to be discussed. Such annotations will facilitate a better understanding by external parties of the duration of the meeting.

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