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The State of Food and Agriculture is prepared by FAO's Agricultural and Development Economics Division. The team is led by Terri Raney, Senior Economist and Editor, and includes André Croppenstedt, Annelies Deuss, Jakob Skoet and Slobodanka Teodosijevic. Stella di Lorenzo and Paola di Santo provide secretarial and administrative support. Randy Stringer, Chief, Comparative Agricultural Development Service, and Prabhu Pingali, Director, Agricultural and Development Economics Division, provide overall supervision and guidance.

Part I, “Agricultural trade and poverty, can trade work for the poor?” was prepared under the direction of Joe Francois, Randy Stringer and Alexander Sarris. Numerous people from several FAO technical units, in particular the Commodities and Trade Division, as well as other international organizations and independent experts provided helpful advice, assistance and guidance. The key background research for Part I is based on work by Joe Francois, Tom Hertel, Phillip Killicoat, Maros Ivanic, Will Martin, Randy Stringer, Jacob Skoet, Frank van Tongeren and Wang Zhi. The report benefited greatly from critical comments, analytical reviews and substantive editing by Kym Anderson, Jelle Bruinsma, Walter Falcon, Hartwig de Haen, Tim Josling, Jamie Morrison, Prabhu Pingali, Ramesh Sharma and Alberto Valdés. Colleagues in FAO's Statistics Division provided data and related statistical inputs.

Chapter 1 (Introduction and overview). Draft text was provided by Joe Francois, Tim Josling, Terri Raney and Randy Stringer.

Chapter 2 (Trends and patterns in international agricultural trade). Text was prepared by Annelies Deuss, Jacob Skoet and Randy Stringer.

Chapter 3 (The agricultural trade policy landscape). Contributors include Joe Francois, Tim Josling, Will Martin, Jakob Skoet, Frank van Tongeren and Wang Zhi.

Chapter 4 (Macroeconomic impacts of agricultural trade reform). This chapter is based on a background paper prepared by Joe Francois and Frank van Tongeren. Tom Hertel, Terri Raney and Jakob Skoet provided additional contributions.

Chapter 5 (Poverty impacts of agricultural trade reforms). This chapter is based on a background paper prepared by Tom Hertel and Maros Ivanic. Additional inputs were provided by Randy Stringer and Alberto Valdés.

Chapter 6 (Trade and food security). Phillip Killicoat, Annelies Deuss, Terri Raney and Jakob Skoet prepared this chapter, which is based in large part on research by the FAO Commodities and Trade Division. This research was presented to the FAO Committee on Commodity Problems in May 2005 in the document Food security in the context of the context of economic and trade policy reforms: Insights from country experiences (CCP 05/11).

Chapter 7 (Making trade work for the poor: the twin track approach to hunger and poverty reduction). This concluding chapter was prepared by Annelies Deuss, Philip Killacoat, Prabhu Pingali, Terri Raney, Randy Stringer and Jakob Skoet.

Part II, “World and regional review: facts and figures”, was prepared by André Croppenstedt, Annelies Deuss and Jakob Skoet.

Part III, “Statistical annex”, was prepared by André Croppenstedt, Annelies Deuss and Terri Raney.

The team is particularly grateful to the State of Food and Agriculture External Advisory Board, comprising Walter Falcon (Chair), Bina Agarwal, Kym Anderson, Simeon Ehui, Franz Heidhues and Eugenia Muchnik, who provided valuable guidance on the scope and focus of the report.

The report benefited from the work of the editors, designers and layout artists of the FAO Publishing Management Service.

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