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4. The Meeting adopted the agenda in Appendix A. A list of documents provided to the Meeting is in Appendix C. Ms Judith Swan served as rapporteur and Mr Hiromoto Watanabe coordinated logistical arrangements.

5. In addressing the nature of, and arrangements for the Meeting, the Chairperson emphasized the informal nature of the Meeting, given its purpose to provide for a full, fair and frank exchange of views. Issues relating to the scope of the Meeting (especially as it related to administrative and/or policy matters), potential observer participation, possible rules of procedure (for example for observer participation) and translation of documents were discussed in depth by participants. After discussion, it was clear that participants supported the informal nature of the Meeting, which should represent as wide a number of RFBs as possible. There was wide ranging discussion as to where the line can be drawn between policy and administration, with some delegations pointing out that they are not empowered to take policy decisions on behalf of their members. It was agreed that the general scope of the Meeting, being informal, would be information exchange and administration, as well as enhancing cooperation among RFBs. It was clear that there would be no decision making implications involved and policy may be a background but not a directive. It was recognized that the policymaking function and mandate essentially rests with the members of the organizations represented.

6. Mindful of the number of requests for observer attendance at the Meeting, some participants suggested that relevant rules of procedure be adopted. The Chairperson noted that this would change the way of doing business, but in future it could be useful to set certain standards, for example requiring requests for observer status to be submitted well in advance, or allowing a few representative observers. If necessary, the Chairperson could communicate with the participants to make a decision. There was consensus not to address rules at this stage and remain with the status quo.

7. Acknowledging the broad consultations undertaken by the Chairperson in preparing for the current Meeting, and mindful that this constituted a virtual group during intersessional periods rather than a single event every two years, the participants agreed that the title of "RFB Secretariats Network" would be more applicable than the current Meeting's title. The new title has the advantage of emphasizing informality, yet conveying the notion of ongoing intersessional work during the two years between formal meetings.

8. Some participants requested translation of the Meeting documents in future. Mr Nomura explained that the relevant COFI documents would be available in all languages, but unfortunately a budget was not available because this was not an FAO Meeting.

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