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There are many potential effects on fisheries management of implementing through GFCM the IPOA - IUU and related areas of the IPOA - Capacity. An overall objective would be to restore the health of the Mediterranean fish stocks, and achieve long-term conservation and sustainable use of the resources through effective implementation. Depending on the measures and actions agreed, the following areas could be affected in a positive manner.

Implementation of the IPOA - IUU and relevant parts of the IPOA - Capacity have the potential of transforming management, in a cooperative and coordinated manner, so that sustainable fisheries can be achieved. The measure of success in this regard will depend on the commitment and vision of GFCM members, and long-term planning. The guideposts reviewed in this document, together with the global dedication to addressing IUU fishing, provide a solid foundation for future action. The need for such action is evident.

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