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In the exercise of sovereign rights of coastal States for exploring and exploiting, conserving and managing the living marine resources under their jurisdiction, the IPOA-IUU calls on coastal States to implement measures to prevent, deter and eliminate IUU fishing in waters under their jurisdiction. Measures which coastal States should consider are: effective MCS; cooperation and exchange of information with other States and RFMOs; ensuring that all fishing is authorized; ensuring all vessels are registered; logbook requirements; controls on transhipment/processing of fish; regulation of fishing access; and avoiding licensing vessels with an IUU fishing history.[36]

The PIC is taking measures to combat IUU fishing by foreign fishing vessels through use of its own MCS systems and through strengthened regional and international cooperation. This is being achieved through regional databases and information exchanges, enforcement cooperation and use of the VMS system. Moreover, air surveillance patrols provided by Australia, New Zealand, USA and France are bolstering this effort. The establishment of the WCPF Commission is expected to enhance this cooperation.

The PIC investigates the offending history of foreign vessels applying to fish in PIC waters primarily through the FFA Regional Register database. A vessel is required to be in "good standing" on the Regional Register, before it can be considered for registration and licensing in the PIC. All licences issued include comprehensive terms and conditions for operating.

The PIC does not require foreign fishing vessels to produce their flag State authorization to fish before licensing them. However, no foreign fishing vessel licence is issued unless there is in force with the Government of the flag State of the vessel or with an association representing the foreign fishing vessel owners or charterers, an access agreement or arrangement with the PIC.[37]

[36] See 2.2.7 Monitoring, control and surveillance.
[37] Fisheries Management Act 2002, Part VII, S38(4).

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