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This document was prepared for FAO by Dr Paul Medley with funding from the FAO Regular Programme and the FAO FishCode Programme with Trust Fund support from the Government of Norway. In the course of preparing the manual, Dr Medley consulted with scientists and officials from the relevant government departments and other scientific experts on queen conch in the region. He expresses his particular thanks to Kevern Cochrane, Richard Appeldoorn, Miguel Rolón, Graciela García-Moliner, Andre Kong, Karl Aiken, Vincent Gillette and Mauro Gongora who have provided many useful comments and help for this document. Grateful thanks also go to the staff of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism Secretariat, Jamaica Fisheries Division, Belize Fisheries Department and the International Queen Conch Initiative, coordinated by the Caribbean Fishery Management Council for help and support in the production of the manual. The watercolour painting on the front cover was done by Lesley Ninnes.

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