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Words of appreciation are extended to the chapter contributors who responded positively to the invitation to prepare the various articles and country studies that today make part of this Compendium. Lelhia Basterd, Sarah Cecci, Susana Lastarria, Annita and J.P. Platteau and Zenebewoke Tadesse. This work coordinated by the Gender and Population Division, integrates contributions from independent external specialists, research assistances and officers from other technical divisions in FAO, specially David Palmer and Gerard Ciparisse from the Land Tenure Service. Thanks also go to FAO editors, Michelle Kendrick and Deborah Dukes.

Other contributors to this Compendium are Beatriz Galan, who prepared a summarized version of the extensive study carried out by Leila Basterd on Brazil. Eva Fuchshuber and Hope Traficanti, as research assistants under the FAO volunteer program, who provided substantial contributions in the literature review and summary of the research study on Senegal and Burkina Faso. Thanks also to Sonia Zepeda and Simone Morini, for their valuable contribution on the final layout and publication of this Compendium.

Zoraida García-Frías
Technical editing and coordination

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