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Based on the presentations, discussions and ideas expressed, participants were divided into three topical working groups to discuss structure, issues and scopes, products and services to be provided by the proposed coordination mechanism.

Presentation by Working Group 1: key issues and scope

WG 1's rationale

Purpose of the regional initiative



i)             Integrated coastal zone management

ii)           Human capacity

iii)         Wood needs for reconstruction


Clarification was sought regarding whether sea-based ecosystems should be dealt with by the proposed mechanism. FAO replied that it does not have a comparative advantage in dealing with sea-based ecosystems and that these aspects should be addressed through other mechanisms.

Presentation by Working Group 2: structure of the mechanism

Why do we want to set up a mechanism?


i)             Information sharing

ii)           Capacity building

iii)         Technical support

iv)         Resources

Options for mechanisms

Elements of the structure

Possible structures

i)             Traditional structure consisting of:

This is a beneficiary approach, similar to existing structures. It may however, constrain cross-cutting or regional approaches and could be difficult to fit in a regional and international organization.

ii)           Functional model consisting of:

Each functional team could/should be led by a different partner with specific expertise.

iii)         Hybrid model

A hybrid model would integrate the best features of both the traditional and functional model structures.

iv)         Other Models

Other issues


A comment was made that the functional model proposed by the WG 2 seems to be suitable for medium-term response to the tsunami as participating organizations focus on where they have competencies. Another comment was that the former Forestry Research Support Programme for Asia and the Pacific (FORSPA) can be a good model for a hybrid type of organizational structure proposed by the WG.

Presentation by Working Group 3: the products and services to be provided by the mechanism

i)             Access to information

ii)           Technical knowledge/expertise and guidelines

iii)         Capacity building

iv)         Other coordination arrangements


A question was raised regarding the sequencing and timing of the delivery of products and services. The need for prioritizing the proposed products and services and sequencing the delivery was highlighted.

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