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The vision

The shared vision for the future of fisheries and aquaculture in affected communities was developed and agreed by the tsunami affected countries, NGOs and CONSRN partners.

This vision represents an “ideal state” towards which all strategies and activities would contribute. The vision stresses the importance of “getting rehabilitation and development right”. The goal of CONSRN is rehabilitated sectors that avoid past mistakes and are a substantial improvement over the pre-tsunami situation.

The Vision

While recognizing the sovereign rights of each affected country and the cultural context of coastal communities, the shared vision for fisheries and aquaculture is a sector that:

  1. contributes to poverty alleviation, sustainable livelihoods and food security at household, local and national levels;
  2. is based on sound regulation, good governance and functional management institutions that ensure equitable development and safety within the different parts of the sector;
  3. uses appropriate technologies with due recognition of the environmentally sustainable limits to harvesting natural resources and aquaculture production;
  4. is part of a holistic view of the coastal ecosystems and is managed according to the principles of integrated coastal zone management, including the wider aspects of land, tenure and relocation of communities; and
  5. has a well integrated supply chain from harvest to consumer that supports labour intensive post-harvest activities (which are mainly carried out by women), equitable trade and marketing that ensure safe food for all.

Guiding principles for activities

A set of key guiding principles (Appendix A) have been agreed by the CONSRN partners. The aim of these principles is to provide the “ground rules” for the development and implementation of regional and country level rehabilitation activities of CONSRN and its partners, although they can also serve as a guide for the actions of others. The principles include for example:

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