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Appendix A

Guiding principles for rehabilitation and development

Putting people first in rehabilitation

A livelihood approach is recommended which ensures that natural systems have an enhanced ability to provide a broad and sustainable range of livelihood strategies, accessible to all members of these communities (including women, children and marginalized groups). This approach should also take into account the diversity of additional and existing livelihood strategies available to people in coastal communities, such as farming, fish processing, gardening, marketing etc. Key features are:

Rehabilitation that is consistent with international and regional agreements and guidelines

Any rehabilitation activity should positively contribute to the following agreements and guidelines:

In particular, action will follow a multi-sectoral approach which ensures that the natural resource base of the coastal zone is sustained. This includes:

Key principles for the subsectors

The goal of rehabilitation is to achieve the following key features for the fisheries and aquaculture sectors.

For fishery a sector that:

For aquaculture a sector that:

In addition, both fisheries and aquaculture sectors should be supported by markets that:

The rehabilitation processes

The implementation activities will follow a process approach and shall include the following elements:

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