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(Items 14 and 15 of the Agenda)

134. The Commission concluded the Twentieth Session on 24 September 2004 after considering and adopting the report prepared by the Drafting Committee. The Chairperson followed with a vote of thanks by recalling the discussion on important topics ranging from review of the current agricultural statistics system in member countries through the country questionnaires to the application of remote sensing in area and crop forecasts, forestry and fisheries statistics, and the use of trade flow data in agricultural policy. He referred to in-depth discussion on diverse facets of food and agricultural statistics in the broad sense as defined by FAO, encompassing crop area and production, number of livestock and products, trade-in crop, livestock, fishery, forestry and food products, fishery and forestry statistics, production and consumption of food, agricultural inputs and cost of production, labour force in agriculture, national accounts relating to agriculture, rural development and rural income.

135. The Chairperson referred to the presentations made by delegates and expressed immense satisfaction on the active participation by delegates from different member countries on the points raised in the presentations. He also expressed satisfaction on the response of distinguished delegates from different member countries to the roundtable discussions. He also acknowledged with thanks the response from State Governments and Central Ministries and Departments who had contributed significantly to the work relating to collection, collation, analysis and dissemination of food and agricultural statistics in the country. Likewise, he acknowledged with thanks the active response in discussion from the Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute (IASRI), Pusa, New Delhi. Thanks were also expressed for the excellent arrangements made by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) in enhancing the value of field trip of APCAS delegates to IARI, Pusa, New Delhi.

136. The Chairperson recalled with gratitude the role of the co-chairpersons from Thailand and Malaysia during his absence and expressed the deep sense of satisfaction and appreciation of India for the active response and cooperation received from member countries in making the Twentieth Session a success. He, on behalf of the APCAS and on his own behalf, thanked the Liaison Officer Mr Vijay Kumar and his team for their important contribution in organizing the Twentieth Session of APCAS in India. He thanked the Chairperson and members of the Drafting Committee for their commendable work in the expeditious preparation of the Report of the Twentieth Session of APCAS. He also thanked Mr Hiek Som and Mr Frederick Baker for their active contribution and support for the success of the Twentieth Session. He wished all delegates best of luck and declared the Twentieth Session closed.

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