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The preparation of Forest and floods: drowning in fiction or thriving on facts? has been a collaborative venture. Numerous people have contributed to this booklet by sharing their experiences and thoughts, providing literature, assisting in distinguishing facts from fiction and in drafting, commenting on and editing a progression of manuscripts. FAO and CIFOR would like to thank in particular the following for participating in the process:

Moujahed Achouri, Bruce Aylward, Kenneth N. Brooks, Neil Byron, Yvonne Byron, Ian Calder, Bruce Campbell, Patrick C. Dugan, Patrick Durst, Thomas Enters, Thierry Facon, Peter F. Ffolliott, Don Gilmour, Hans M. Gregersen, Lawrence S. Hamilton, Thomas Hofer, Ulrik Ilstedt, Jack D. Ives, David Kaimowitz, Benjamin Kiersch, Philip McKenzie and Kumar Upadhaya.

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