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The 64th executive committee meeting (26 September 2004: 16:00 - 17:00 hours)
For delegates from Pakistan (Chairperson), Indonesia (Vice chairperson), India, Nepal, Philippines and Thailand


- 28th session agenda approval

- Secretary report

- Financial statement and related issues (countries in arrears, budget for APHCA TCDC, etc.)

- Status of cooperation between FAO and OIE and its implications to further activities of APHCA

- Continuation of executive committee members in 2005

- Activities (general and priorities), etc.

The 28th APHCA session
(27 September - 01 October 2004)


1. Adoption of agenda, induction of chairperson and executive committee members

2. Minutes of the 63rd and 64th executive committee meetings and 27th session of APHCA

3. Statement of accounts (Wagner)

4. Activities - general (Wagner)

5. Activities (in priorities):

- Small-scale dairy and meat production (SSD workshop, TCPs on dairy and meat, CFC, etc.) (Wagner)

- Pro-poor livestock policy facility (PLPF) (Wagner)

- AWI/GEF PDF towards livestock industries (World Bank) (Wagner)

- AnGR (Wagner)

- WTO's SPS workshops, BSE workshop/consultation, and veterinary public health (Vishnu)

- Food and feed safety (Benigno)

- GF-TADs, disease network and communications (Philippines Lady Vet.), some important TADs including AI (Morzaria/Benigno), etc.

6. APHCA special session on avian influenza

7. Small-scale dairying (SSD) workshop

8. Adjourned business session and adoption of the minutes of the 28th session

9. Closing

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