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This Conference arose from the charge of IUNS Committee II/4 Techniques for Measuring the Value of Foods for Man (Chair: D.A.T. Southgate (UK)) “… to review techniques for the measurement of nutrients and other constituents in food … to improve and expand existing food composition data banks …”

The Conference was designed to recognize all aspects of food composition data production, management and use, and included papers, posters and computer demonstrations. All papers were invited in order to represent the diverse range of activities in the field. Sessions covered national and international food composition programmes, methods and conventions of nutrient analysis, quality control of food composition data and databases, a workshop on computer systems, food composition data and population studies, copyright considerations, and food industry and food safety considerations.

These Proceedings comprise the invited papers and selected posters. The authors of all but two of the invited presentations provided papers which were sent to two referees each and revised in accordance with the referees' comments prior to acceptance for publication. Posters were not refereed.

Thanks are due to the following who kindly reviewed manuscripts: K. Baghurst, P. Baghurst, D.H. Buss, K.M. Cashel, I. Coles-Rutishauser, J. Craske, J. Cunningham, J. DeVries, M. Filadelfi-Keszi, G. Greenleaf, W. Horwitz, J. Jin, M. Lawrence, S. Lee, J. Lewis, D. Mackerras, J. Klensin, R. Richards, G. Sevenhuysen, N. Slimani, D.A.T. Southgate, K.K. Stewart, A.S. Truswell, I. Unwin, J. Vanderslice, A. Walker, C.E. West and R.B.H. Wills.

Special thanks are due to Jane Barnes for assistance with editing, Sharon Debrezceni for word-processing and Michael Wyatt of Keyword Editorial Services for preparation of the camera-ready text. Krystyna McIver of AOAC INTERNATIONAL kindly provided editorial advice.

Heather Greenfield
January 1995

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