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Annex: UWET comparison with some current classification and definition systems for forest products

A. Standard International Trade Classification, Department of International Economic and Social Affairs, Statistical Papers, Series M, No. 34, Revision 3, United Nations (1986)


Standard International Trade Classification

Direct Forest fuels

Item 245.01 Fuelwood in log, in billets, in twigs or in faggots

Item 245.02 Wood Charcoal (including shell and nuts charcoal), agglomerate or not

Indirect Woodfuels

Subgroup 246.2 Sawdust and wood waste and scrap, whether or not agglomerated in logs, briquettes, pellets or similar form

Recovered Woodfuels

no mention

B. Classification and Definition of Forest Products, FAO Forestry Paper 32, FAO, 1982


Classification numbers for Forest Products

Direct Woodfuels

Wood in the rough (fuelwood from the main stem and branches plus logging and harvesting residues)

11230, 12230: fuelwood

1318, 12318: tops, small branches and twigs for energy

11328, 12328: stumps and roots for energy

11338, 12338: barks separated in the forest from wood in rough for energy

Wood chips and particles

31108, 32108: from wood in the rough for energy

31208, 32208: from residues of wood processing, for energy

31308, 32308: from recovered wood products, for energy

Wood simply worked or processed

4121, 4221: Wood charcoal

4122, 4222: Other solid fuels manufactured from wood

Indirect Woodfuels

Residues of wood processing, recoverable wood products

21118, 22118, 21128, 22128: solid wood residue for energy, either chipped or not

21218, 22218: sawdust for energy

21228, 22228: shavings for energy

21328, 22328: bark removed during processing for energy

21298, 22298, 21318, 22318, 21328, 22328, 21418, 22418, 21428, 22428: other residues (either contaminated or uncontaminated), all cases for energy

Recovered Woodfuels

no mention

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