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Pilegaard Hansen

Cover photo: Baobab, Adansonia digitata (Photo: C. Cossalter)


Note from the Editor

Management guidelines for in situ gene conservation of wind pollinated temperate conifers (V. Koski)

Forest genetic resources bulletin on the Internet

The "Silo National des Graines Forestieres": Towards better management of forest genetic resources in Madagascar (P. Vaneberg & L. Ramamonjisoa)

South Pacific regional initiative on forest genetic resources

Summary report of the Ninth Session of the FAO Panel of Experts on Forest Genetic Resources

Fifteen years of ex situ gene conservation of Mexican and Central American forest species by the CAMCORE cooperative (W.S. Dvorak, J.K. Donahue & G.R. Hodge)

Teak improvement programmes for Myanmar and Laos

Getting better tree germplasm into the hands of smallholder farmers in developing countries - some lessons from agriculture (L. Andreasen & D. Boland)

The project on handling and storage of recalcitrant and intermediate tropical forest tree seed

Conservation of medicinal plant genetic resources in South India (C.G. Kushalappa)

DABATTS: The database of tropical forest tree seed research

Recent activities of the International Neem Network (C.P. Hansen, A. Thomsen & O. Souvannavong)

The Fourth International Technical Conference on Plant Genetic Resources and follow-up activities on forest genetic resources

Recent publications from the DANIDA Forest Seed Centre

XI World Forestry Congress

Rebuilding the Rwandan Tree Seed Centre - Seeds of Hope Project (C. Mugungu, K. Atta-Krah, A. Niang & D. Boland)

Recent FAO work and literature related to Mahogany species in South and Central America

Development of a step-by-step guide for the in situ conservation of forest genetic resources

Ex situ gene conservation of Pinus ayacahuite (J.A. Wright, A. Marin V. & W. Dvorak)

Bamboo and rattan genetic resources and use

Safe movement of tree germplasm and FAO/IPGRI technical guidelines for safe movement of Eucalyptus germplasm

Conservation of Terminalia genetic resources: The principal source of non-wood forest products in India (P.K. Srivastav, P. Ranjan & S.S. Sinha)

Reports on recent regional workshops on forest genetic resources

Forest genetic resources conservation in Romania (V. Enescu)


The FAO world-wide information system on forest genetic resources (C.P. Hansen)

Australian Acacias - Untapped genetic resources for human food production in dry tropical Sub-saharan Africa (L. Thomson, C. Harwood & T. Rinaudo)

Access to plant genetic resources and the equitable sharing of benefits: contribution to the debate on systems for the exchange of germplasm

Recent literature of interest


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