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Guide to Handling of Tropical and Subtropical Forest Seed, by Lars Schmidt. July 2000. A textbook on handling of tree seed, from seed biology, through seed collection and processing to trade and transfer of seed. 15 chapters; 490 pp. (see below for more information)

Technical Note No. 55. Application of the Pilodyn in Forest Tree Improvement, by Christian Pilegaard Hansen. July 2000.

Technical Note No. 56. Handling of desiccation and temperature sensitive tree seed, by Kirsten Thomsen. September 2000

Technical Note No. 57. Laboratory manual for basic tree seed studies, by Kirsten Thomsen and Sigrit Diklev. September 2000.

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A New Book for Your Library
'Guide to Handling of Tropical and Subtropical Forest Seed'

During his employment at Danida Forest Seed Centre, the Danish seed biologist Lars Schmidt was engaged in writing a new guide to handling of forest seed. Lars Schmidt, who has a university degree in biology, has many years' experience in practical seed biology and seed handling in the tropics. Based on a vast range of literature, and on his own experience and that of his many forestry friends and colleagues world-wide, he has gathered valuable knowledge on seed handling of interest for the tropics and subtropics. Originally the idea was to update 'A Guide to Forest Seed Handling' by R.L.Willan, published as FAO Forestry Paper 20/2 in 1985, but the result became a new book written by an expert who is both a scientist and a practitioner. The list of chapter titles shows the wide range of subjects. Great efforts have been made to make it an inviting and useful book, and DFSC believes that it will be of interest to most readers of this newsletter.

Seed biology, development and ecology
Planning and preparation of seed collections
Seed collection
Fruit and seed handling, collection and processing
Seed processing
Phytosanitary problems and seed treatment
Seed storage
Dormancy and pretreatment
Germination and seedling establishment
Seed testing
Genetic implications of seed handling
Microsymbiont management
Seed documentation
Trade and transfer of forest seed

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