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AFVP Association française des volontaires du progrès (a French voluntary organization, working with ANPIP in Niger)
ANPIP-1 Association Nationale pour la Promotion de l'Irrigation Privée (a non-profit-making association in Niger to promote private irrigation)
ANPIP-2 Agence Nigérienne pour la Promotion de l'Irrigation Privée (executing agency of the association) (both operating under PPIP in Niger and closely related to each other; in this report and its literature sources it is generally the ‘Agence' that is meant)
ARC Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Research Council, South Africa
ARID Association régionale pour l'irrigation et le drainage en Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre
CIM Composante Irrigation Mécanisée (a component of PPIP in Niger
CORAF/WECARD Conseil Ouest et Centre Africain pour la Recherche et le Développement Agricoles/West and Central African Council for Research and Development (information can be found on
CPEC Caisses populaires d'épargne et de crédit (savings and credit)
DFID Department of International Development (UK)
EW/EWW Enterprise Works Worldwide (an international NGO working in irrigation development, particularly in Niger and in Mali, Senegal, and elsewhere; formerly known as AT International)
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FCFA Franc CFA (Communauté financière africaine), the common currency of many French speaking West African countries
GIE Groupement d'Intérêt Économique
ha Hectare
hp Horsepower (1 HP = 0.746 kW)
IAR Institute of Agricultural Research
IDE International Development Enterprises (an NGO which, among other activities, promotes development of treadle pumps, often overcoming credit shortages by buying them from local manufacturers and passing them on to retailers on a commission basis, Kay & Brabben (2000, page 3)
IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development
IFAD-NSP IFAD-Niger Special Programme
ILI Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Research Council, South Africa
IPTRID International Programme for Technology and Research in Irrigation and Drainage
ITTU Intermediate Technology Transfer Unit
JARDA Jigawa Rural Development Area
kWh Kilowatt-hour (1 kWh = 1 000 watt-hours = 3.6 MJ)
l/s Litres per second (1 l/s = 3.6 m3/h)
M&E Monitoring and evaluation
m3/h Cubic metres per hour
MAIC Component improved hand-operated irrigation
MEST Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology (Ghana)
MJ Mega (million) Joules (1 MJ=1 million watt-seconds or 1 million Newton-metres)
MP Hand operated pumps
MPS Motor pump system
NA Not applicable
NAERLS National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Services
NGO Non-governmental organization
NWRI National Water Resources Institute in Kaduna
PPIP (World Bank) Projet de Promotion de l'Irrigation Privée (in Niger)
PPPI Project for Promotion of Private Irrigation (English translation of above)
rpm Revolutions per minute (speed of rotation)
SPFS Special Programme for Food Security
TAG Technical Assistance Grant
TCDC Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries
TPT Treadle pump technology
UNDP United Nations Development Programme
USAID US Agency for International Development

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